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Large & Custom MachinerySpraying Silane based solutions clog up the equipment!

As your chemists realize, solutions with suspended silane are problematic over a long period of time (week or more) as the silane tends to come out of solution whenever there is a pressure drop (regulator, sharp bend, orifice or indexing portion of a industrial spray head) and quickly build up causing permanent failure of the equipment.

IAS Corp. has just spent the past six months studying this problem and came up with a new spraying system that uses ultra-low pressure (1.4-1.5psi controlled to 0.01psi accuracy) and a special gun that we modify to help manage these issues. Coupled with one of our robotic systems, the Coatbot XL, periodic ‘wetting’ and full flushing at very high pressure keeps the system clean and operating consistently. For element manufactures, spraying each and every element consistently is critical to their bonding process.

IAS Corp has produced specialized and custom/coating spraying equipment since our inception in 1992.

I’m providing this in the potential case that you have other customers that might be able to use this equipment. IAS Corp. will pay a percentage finder fee for every customer that you represent. Your firm can also benefit by recommending a system that is capable of shooting your silane (or other hard to use compounds) with extreme consistency and control (<0.01gm of A3 per second). The Coatbot XL is capable of very fast, very precise moves and can tilt and turn customer product during the spray process. Spray control is adjustable and the system features an on-board real-time electronic pressure control that can compensate for volumetric loss of compound in the pot as well as environmental changes. Additionally, and most probably, the amount of silane based compound you sell will increase (if the customer is hand applying now).