Our Capabilities

Large & Custom MachinesFrom giant wind turbines to microscopic vision testing systems, IAS Corp. offers mechanical and automated solutions that save time and money.

With decades of combined practical experience our team of engineers and technicians continually solve complex electrical, mechanical, chemical, and software issues, from which others have walked away. IAS Corp. capabilities include:

Large & Custom Machines

IAS Corp. began knowing how to make machines work more efficiently and more reliably. Today IAS Corps machines we’ve built and serviced continue to be in use world-wide. grommet unloader custom machine

  • Mechanical engineering & design
  • Controls & electrical design
  • Application specific software
  • Mechanical, electrical, & hydraulic retrofitting
  • Emergency service & repair
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Engineering Research & Development

With more than 30 years combined engineering expertise we have a solid track record for developing innovative machines, practical tools and software applications that save our clients time and money.

  • System Design & construction
  • C++ Programming
  • Research
  • System set up
  • Training and support
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Automation & Efficiency SystemsAutomation & Efficiency Systems

IAS Corp builds systems that make your jobs easier to operate, more efficient, and offer a greater return on your investment.

  • Electrical components & installation
  • Pneumatic components & installation
  • Electrical & Pneumatic schematics
  • Assembly Machines and Lines
  • C++ Programming
  • Siemens Step7 Programming
  • Idec PLC Programming
  • Integration into existing equipment
  • Operator training & manual
  • Remote monitoring
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Quality Control & Inspection SystemsQuality Control & Inspection Systems

IAS Corp. engineers have a proven track record of building and maintaining systems that offer more accurate and controlled ways of “processing” your business. Robotics, vision systems, controls, test and inspections, we successfully integrate new systems that offer you a greater return on your investment.

  • Custom Software applications
  • Control Systems
  • Vision Inspection
  • Measurement Systems
  • Fixture Testing
  • Equipment & Control Retrofit and Repair
  • Adhesives Testing & Control
  • More information...

We are members of the Automation Direct SI Direct Integrators Program.

Project Management

IAS Corp. has a proven track record of providing companies an outsourced resource that brings projects in on time and on budget. Whether all you need is a technician to verify a piece of the process, or want an experienced engineer to lead your project the whole way, contact IAS Corp. to see what is possible.

  • System design & build
  • System setup & installation
  • Emergency service
  • Large Equipment retrofits & repairs
  • Operator Training & support
  • More information...

IAS Corp. is an authorized integrator/distributor of:

  • Fagor Automation & Measuring systems
  • Baldor Motors & Equipment
  • Cognix Vision Systems
  • Hexagon
  • Integrated Quality Metrology Systems

IAS Corp. maintains an large selection of equipment, machinery and softwware to ensure we can quickly respond to customer needs with a minimum of downtime. These include:

Design and Integration Software from:

  • Alibre Design Studio
  • Protel/Altium Designer
  • Algor Finite Element Analysis & Simulation software
  • Siemens Step 7
  • A-B RS Logix
  • A-D DirectSoft 5
  • Other Custom Programs and Software Tools

Setup & Measurement Equipment:

  • Renishaw Ballbar set
  • HP Laser Linear Displacement/Calibration System
  • Fluke 3 Phase power quality measurement system
  • Infared Camera
  • Bearing Thermal Analysis system
  • 48 Point Analog/Digital Data Acquisition System
  • Brown & Sharp Vallidator CMM
  • Other assorted Measurement and Geometery tools

Production Machinery & Equipment:

  • Milltroncs Partner1 CNC milling center
  • Hurco KM-3P CNC Mill
  • Yang SML-20 CNC Lathe
  • Summit SNB400 Manual Lathe
  • Monarch 10EE Toolroom lathe
  • Bridgeport Standard J Mill
  • Wells Index standard J Mill
  • Kitamura Mycenter CNC Mill
  • Carver 2518 Heated Lab Press
  • Napco Scientific E series Vacuum Oven
  • Z Corp Z310 3D Printer
  • YCI Supermax Universal CNC Mill
  • Sumitomo C250 Injection Molding Machine
  • Excello Ram Turret Router - Custom
  • Jet HP35 manual press
  • TJL Foot Shear
  • Don G Jenness Hand Brake