Robotic Effectors | Magnetic Effector

Introducing Robotic Magnetic Effector with Safety Mode.

Pick up steel plate or flat bar with features up to 10ft long (8inch wide) or a 48x 48 inch square (or any combination between – ¾ inch to 6 inches thick with max payload of 300lbs). The example magnetic effector is 3 x 5 by 6 inches tall. This line of magnetic effectors is modular and can be sized specific to the footprint available. We can build magnetic effectors up to 5 x 9 x 8 inches tall with attractive force up to 640lbs.

Comes with controller that has pickup safety feature – will not allow robot to pick up part unless safely engaged. Full automatic operation via robot control – robot signals when to engage effector – effector controller tells robot part is now ‘picked’ and robot places part. Robot signals to dis-engage effector and effector controller tells robot when part is dis-engaged.

This is a made in America magnetic robot effector with 24VDC controller, 3amps. Input/output is solid state 24VDC sink/source. This magnetic effector allows precision placement of parts – tolerances at 0.005inch x/y. This magnetic effector also works in robot float mode (Z axis in torque limit).

Particular robot this effector mates to will also determine constraints on above lifting examples. In the video example, the robot was a Motoman HP350D 6 axis robot with 350Kg payload capacity.

IAS Corp builds many specialized robotic effectors including high torque nut runners, high speed low weight drilling heads, advanced high capacity pick arms and many other types of effectors tailored specifically to a customers application – call us about a custom effector today.

IAS Corp is a strategic partner with Yaskawa Motoman.