National Starch and Chemical Pleased with Custom Envelope Quality Process Test Station

We contracted IAS Corp to create the converter industry’s first objective envelope quality process test station.  National Starch and Chemical Envelope Quality EquipmentThey provided us with the EQS, a system that can accurately measure envelope quality control parameters in the sub-mil (0.001”) area not only by taking physical measurements but also using machine vision.  Being able to not only capture this data but then by storing it and analyzing it through various reports this equipment goes a long way in improving the envelope quality manufacturing process.  The EQS has been a watershed improvement for envelope converters. It received National Starch & Chemical’s prestigious Most Innovative Design for 2005 Award and has shown its tremendous value in the areas of line setup, batch control, certificate of order accuracy, and other quality process initiatives.


In addition to providing the EQS, IAS Corp. has designed and delivered many other systems to National Starch & Chemical.  The customer support and attention to detail that IAS Corp gives each project is what keeps us coming back.  I recommend IAS Corp to others looking for production and quality control solutions. 

-- Jeff Reed of National Starch and Chemical in Newport News, VA


Tim Paulin, Inventor of Auto-Stop, Shares His Experience with Industrial Automation Specialists

"As a person who had a reached a point where I needed professional help to develop my idea to the next level, I felt very fortunate to have found IAS Corp. / BuildMyProduct.com [a sister company of IAS].  Auto Stop traffic deviceAfter talking to three other companies, I knew immediately I found the perfect fit. They took the time to thoroughly understand what I was trying to accomplish and helped refine the idea. They approached my project like it was their own.

They were always on the lookout for potential problems with design and real life application pitfalls before actually building prototypes, saving time and money. I found everyone there very easy to talk to about anything I had a concern with. I would highly recommend IAS Corp. / BuildMyProduct.com for anyone pursuing an idea or invention they want to take further than a thought."
Tim Paulin, Inventor of Auto-Stop
Westmont, IL

Auto-Stop is a sign that deploys instantly at a traffic signal when there is a loss or interruption of power. The device automatically resets when power returns.

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