Engineering R&D Services

IASResearch and Development Corp.’s experienced engineers and technicians provide innovative solutions that go beyond the capabilities of similar development companies.  Often our teams are called upon to create a solution or to fix a productivity problem that an off-the-shelf product or competitor could not handle. 


We rise to every challenge, many times bringing a previously attempted project in for less money and in less time.  For instance:


  • IAS Corp. created a grommet inspection system that revolutionized how rubber grommets are tested.  This was after the client had tried several “off the shelf” vision inspection systems that failed to produce what was needed. Click here to read more about this specific project.  




At IAS Corp, engineering R&D is at the core of how we operate.  With more than 30 years of experience, we have a solid track record for developing innovative engineering solutions that save our clients time and money.    We know how to make things work even when others say it is not possible. 


Our specific engineering capabilities include:blade.jpg

  • System design and construction
  • C++ Programming
  • Idec PLC Programming
  • Siemens Set7 Programming
  • System set up and installation
  • Training and support services


IAS Corp. also offers the ability to create functional models or working prototypes that allow us to see how an idea will work BEFORE going through the expense of further product development.   It’s one more way we work with you up front so together we produce better end results.   


Click here for more information on How We Work

Click here for more information about our Engineering R&D Projects projects, including:

  • Grommet Inspection SystemDSC00749.jpg
  • Hot Melt Roll Coater
  • Pre Applied Re-Melt System
  • Envelope Quality Stations
  • Optical Counter



IAS Corp. offers complete engineering research and development resources and services.  Whether you have a small part that needs testing or an entire facility that needs to run more efficiently, contact IAS Corp. today to see how to put our engineering research and development capabilities to work for you.

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