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What We Can Learn from Mag Lite

A recent article on company behind the popular Maglite flashlight, Mag Instruments, and it’s founder outlined some of the challenges companies face when trying to be competitive...

IAS Corp Builds Truly Custom Machines to Meet Production Needs

When is a machine really a custom creation, rather than a modification of something that already exists?  When it is designed and built from the ground up to solve a specific problem.

Questions to ask your Adhesive Project Manager

If there’s one sticking point for companies using adhesives as part of their production line, it’s finding the right balance between enough adhesive to meet the need, and avoiding waste.  Common examples include applying just the right adhesive ...

Don't Let Low-Cost Machine Builders Make Your Project More Expensive

One of the publications we, and others in our industry, follow regularly is Industrial Equipment News.  A recent article highlighted how competition and economic pressures often drive manufacturers to the low cost provider when they need a custom ma...

Do Integrators Know What Clients Want?

A recent article in Packaging Digest, titled "Integrators Do you know what your clients want?" struck home for us and we're sure for many of our customers as well.  The gist of the article (you can read it here) is that companies doubt that integrat...
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