Automated Production Lines

IAS Corp has completed many successful projects to automate and improve production lines.  We help update existing lines, or design and develop new solutions from scratch or rough concepts, through installation and testing.

IAS Automates Assembly Line for Major Cordless Drill Manufacturer

Assembly Line for Major Cordless Drill ManufactiurerAutomation was a key requirement when IAS Corp developed and installed equipment for a cordless drill manufacturer's assembly line.  The solution automated armature impregnation and handles 5,500 armatures per shift. We programmed, configured and installed a fully robotic solution, that includes regulated IR ovens with thermal vision checking for hotspots.  There is also an outer closed loop for temperature regulation.



Laser etching compared to dot matrix

STIHL Turns to IAS for Laser Etching Solution

When STIHL Power Tools needed an improvement to the company’s production line they turned to Industrial Automation Specialists (IAS Corp).  STIHL’s Virginia Beach manufacturing plant had used IAS Corp in the past for automation solutions and selected the firm again to develop a new solution for the blower production line.

The IAS Corp team brought their specialized expertise to the project, installing electrical components, the laser marker, sensors, pneumatics and wiring.  IAS also performed initial testing, before delivering the completed machine to STIHL for integration into the manufacturing line.

The result is an improved process that handles engine marking for two different blower types.  “As the engine moves into position on the production line a sensor reads a bar code and then moves the engine into position.  The laser then burns a unique serial number onto the engine case based on the bar code,” explains IAS Corp Project Manager Dave Wallace.  “At the same time the laser is firing the next engine is moved into position and the sensor reads the bar code.”

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Greystone Plating Lines for Bosch Injector Components

zinc and chrome plating for Bosch injector componentsAutomation can have a profound impact on quality and efficiency, even in areas not traditionally associated with automation.  For example, IAS Corp helped improve Greystone Plating lines for Bosch injector components.  The automated assembly line handles chrome and zinc plating in precise measures on the small injector parts.  This is a perfect example of applying automation and controls to a manufacturing process that has traditionally been more manually operated.

The image at the right (click for a larger version) shows a fully automated plating line.  The orange hoist in the background automatically picks up a rack with parts on it and puts them through the plating process, then unloads the rack after the plating is completed.  The entire process is controlled with a custom software package and control touchscreen that IAS designed, built and installed, and now maintains.  Contact us today if you have a manufacturing line you would like to automate.

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